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Trade efficiently
Make the UI your own

Bring up what you need, remove what you don’t. Trade the way you like it.


Add multiple trading pairs from different exchanges, and analyze them on one screen

Portfolio & Statistics
Your assets on all connected exchanges in one place

Easy-to-read trading stats. Downloadable reports.

Everything you need
for comfortable work


Instantaneous order placement and on-the-fly exchange account switching.


Make your trading efficient with hotkeys.


Get all the important updates to your email or Telegram.

Demo account

Practice. Learn. Put features and strategies to the test. Risk and charge free.

Cloud service

Silent updates causing no interference with trading. Access from any device.

Dark theme

Trade anytime. Even at night.


Master the market
Stop Loss and Take Profit

Set both Stop Loss and multiple Take Profits for each trade to limit your risks and increase your earnings.


Buy and sell assets at better prices with different trailing options.

SL Timeout and Candlestick Close

You will only exit your position when the timer runs out, or when the candlestick of your selected timeframe closes. These can shield your positions from squeezes, and provide extra flexibility.

Conditional orders

You can place these orders both above and below the price. Your funds will not be reserved. The exchange can’t “see” such orders.

Channel bot

Get maximum profit from trading within a set price range. Auto-restart lets you do unlimited trades without your direct input.

Chart trading

Manage your smart trades and bots quickly. Right in the chart.

TP Ladder and averaging

Create your own order ladders to enter and exit positions. The platform will count your average entry price and your total profit automatically.

Automatic Breakeven

As soon as your first take is executed, the platform will move your Stop Loss to break even, shielding your position from unwanted loss.


Trade on Binance Futures with just 2 buttons that let you enter a position, and flip it from long to short and back with a single click.

Panic Sell

Close all your active smart trades quickly, and exit the positions at the current market price.

Full functionality at your fingertips

Trade anywhere

The platform is fully adapted and optimized to work on your phone and tablet browsers

High-security platform

Your account carefully protected
API keys

Secure key storage. No option to withdraw your funds from the exchange.


User data is encrypted and stored on an isolated server.


New device or IP security checks along with 2-factor authentication keep your account safe from unsanctioned access.


The Capico platform is an official broker for leading cryptocurrency exchanges

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